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CHEMICIDE's last 2 albums to be released south of Mexico via MARQUEE RDS in January
VARGR and CRUEL FATE out Now!.
CHEMICIDE's entire catalog to be released on Cassette format by CDN in 2020
SOOTHSAYER's "have a good time" album pushed back to April 2020
PRC Music to release teh new CREEPING FLESH(Sweden), HERESY (Costa Rica), CATARSIS INCARNE (Costa Rica) and APOCRYPHUS (Peru)!
Debut album from Sherbrooke's LEPROSY to be released in fall 2020

VORTEX Lighthouse CD

VORTEX is back with an enormous album!!! A spectacular conceptual album (War, Death, Pain... dark stuff) that will most definitely gain them a shitload of new fans... More melodic, the band was recently compared to AETERNAM a lot with its challenging orchestral take on Death Metal. This is by far the band's best material ever, album number 6 will finally see VORTEX recognized as one of Québec's premiere metal band, one that continually pushes his own boundaries further... converting one metal head at the time destroying stages all over the country. This is album of the year material.