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CHEMICIDE's last 2 albums to be released south of Mexico via MARQUEE RDS in January
VARGR and CRUEL FATE out Now!.
CHEMICIDE's entire catalog to be released on Cassette format by CDN in 2020
SOOTHSAYER's "have a good time" album pushed back to April 2020
PRC Music to release teh new CREEPING FLESH(Sweden), HERESY (Costa Rica), CATARSIS INCARNE (Costa Rica) and APOCRYPHUS (Peru)!
Debut album from Sherbrooke's LEPROSY to be released in fall 2020


The next generation of Blues bands is pure venom to a stagnant Rock and Metal scene and a kick in the nuts to a music industry crumbling under one hit wonders, half naked pop starlets, manufactured boy bands and pseudo gangstas. Germany's ELECTRIC HOODOO is heavy, moody, musically genuine, refreishing and absolutely relevant in these days and ages where everything is plastic, fake and simply soulless. Influenced by GRAVEYARD, LED ZEPPELIN and WOLFMOTHER, This band of accomplished musicians is not re-inventing the blues, nobody is, but our German friends plays it with enough conviction, heart and talent to contribute new classics such as "The Phoenix" to an immortal musical style for generations to come. We strongly suggest ELECTRIC HOODOO to fans of THE DOORS, LED ZEPPELIN and GRAVEYARD.